Эссе: 8 Ball Chicks Book Review Essay

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...Then, another girl named Shygirl tried to go back to school, but because of her tattoo the teacher came down harder and stricter on her.  Shygirl was afraid to go back to school because of this fear of the teacher.  Because of her grades, bad attendance, and reputation she was kicked out of school.  When Shygirl was facing trouble, the Lennox sheriff department worked out a deal with the counselor of theLennoxMiddle School.  The sheriff's department agreed to put Shygirl on a probationary period if she would go back to school and keep out of trouble for a year.  While in school, the counselor, Mrs. Romero, became friends with Shygirl.  She touched Shygirl's heart and was able to help change her life by just having confidence in her.  Shygirl got an internship at "Toys R Us."  She received her driver's license, so she could drive to work.  Because the goal at Lennox Middle School was to keep kids out of gangs, they used counseling and helped the kids set goals.  They had a heart for the kids.  Romero told Shygirl that she was retiring, and that is if she knew someone willing to take her place, she would put a word in to the principal.  She knew Shygirl had a heart for kids, so she arranged for Shygirl to meet with the principal.  The principal guaranteed Shygirl the job if she would finish High School or get her GED.  The principal knew it would take gaining her loyalty, so she would redirect her energy to helping make a change in other students.  This school made a difference in Shygirl's life.  Giving her a choice to change her life and to help her do it, this school offered what was needed to make that change.  All Shygirl needed was some confidence in herself, and the counselor, Mrs. Romero, helped her see that.  Now Shygirl's life was not a waste....