Эссе: 12 Years a Slave Essay

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...However, even kind masters exploit and mistreat slaves in order to make profits.  For example Ford changed Solomon's name to Platt.  Slaves ate and lived separate from the masters, as Solomon described, "we were sent around into the kitchen, while Master Ford dined in the house" .  Furthermore, slaves had to work and perform every single chore their master would demand. Other slaves, who weren't as fortunate to stay with Ford, and would get masters like Tibeats.  Unlike Ford, who allowed his slaves to have Bible's, Tibeats was "ignorant, withal, and of a revengeful disposition" .  The conditions that slaves lived in were appalling.  "Their cabin was constructed of logs, without floor of window", their pillow was a stick of wood, and during rain or cold weather many of slaves got sick. ...