Эссе: 20th Century Poetry Sylvia Plath's 'Mirror' and 'Lady Lazarus' Essay

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...Verb `I turn' is an example of a verb. Structure The first stanza gives us a brief idea on what the poem is about. It tells us that she commits an act that happens once every decade. We know that she `manages it'. This tells us that the task is hard to carry out for some reason. In the second stanza we begin to understand why she used the title, she compares herself to Lady Lazarus by saying a `sort of walking miracle'. She compares herself to the holocaust-victims by saying `bright as a nazi lampshade'. This tells us that she feels similar pain or emotions to those felt by the holocaust-victims. In the fourth stanza she says that when she `peels off her napkin' will she terrify? She wonders whether she will look as terrifying as the holocaust-victims did...