Эссе: 1936 Olympics Essay

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...Everything was decorated with swastikas under Hitler's orders.  On August 1, 1936 the games begin in Berlin to much fanfare and excitement.  Many people questioned what these games would bring with all of the turmoil throughout the world and especially in Germany.  Forty-nine countries would attend the games, which was more countries than had ever previously attended the games.  Of those forty-nine countries there would be three thousand nine hundred and sixty-three athletes that would participate in one hundred and twenty-nine events.11 While Hitler believed the games would prove his theories right that his Aryan race was superior to everyone else, he was proven wrong.  African American Athletes won fourteen medals, while the Jews won thirteen12.  These stats alone prove Hitler's theories all wrong.  One of the biggest shows at the games was Jesse Owens and his four medals and the decisive blow to Hitler and a huge victory for all African-Americans in the United States.  It proved that African-Americans were just as good as whites if not better. ...