Эссе: 1960s America Essay

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...He sent an extensive amount of law enforcement to get the crowd under control. The law enforcement agents greatly overpopulated the one thousand demonstrators. The mayor sent 11, 900 police who overpowered the demonstrators by more than ten thousand people. Mayor Richard Doley also sent seven 7,500 army regulars and National Guardsmen to regulate the protestors. Not only did he send these law enforcement agents, but he also sent one thousand FBI and Secret Service Agents to the sight of the demonstration (Chicago Historical Society). The law enforcement agents, who were overwhelmed and on a power trip, began to beat the demonstrators, but the demonstrators did not respond in violence. The Chicago demonstration was described as a police riot (Morrison 76). The demonstrators went on with their sit in when the Chicago Police would come from behind and drag them violently off the road or come from behind and knock the protestors with their clubs (Rust 3). The law enforcement and government both overreacted to the demonstration in Chicago. Many demonstrators were harmed due to the law enforcement's careless actions. The police announcements could have been incorrect, but they announced that one hundred demonstrators were injured during the course of the demonstrations at the Chicago National Convention of 1968.They also announced that 119 were injured. ...