Эссе: A Booking System Essay

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...The information I would get off my customer would be:Date of viewing the filmFilm wanted to watchTime of film that they want to watchI would get this by phone calls from the customer and forms being filled in by the customer. I will type this information into the system through the cinema's employee, the office worker. He/she will type the information into the system copying this from the forms and leaflets filled in by the customer that I have collected, or possibly from phone calls. I will periodically read through this, checking for mistakes and things missed out. I may get another person to proof read it. Later, when the information needs editing and updating, the cinema manager or employee will also type the changes into the system. He/she may get an assistant to proof read this also.    The data required by the system:How many seats there areHow I would book the seatsWhere the seats were going to be bookedThe details of the customerI would get this information from the phone calls and from the booking system itself.  The information the system needs to run:The name of the customerHis/her addressHis/her telephone number His/her age The seats he/she bookedI would get all this information from the customer through telephone calls or e-mail.  Data Flow Diagram: CustomerQuery    Cinema secretary wanting to   takes phonecall book cinema      and queries ticket       Response       data store for free tickets QueryResponse Spreadsheet data store Backup Strategy: I will have one copy of my spreadsheet on my desktop at school and I will also have one copy of it at home as well, so if one of them fails or is deleted, then I have the other one to fall back on. I will also have two copies on three and a half inch floppy disks - one next to my computer at home and one in a box stored away also at home, just in case I lose one of my disks or it gets wiped of a disk. This should keep my spreadsheet safe and well kept. I shouldn't lose it all together with all this backup. ...