Эссе: Abnormal Activity in the Mind and Body of Humans Essay

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...As the picture shows there is a fine line between a normal person and a sociopath.  Chemicals/Elements Which Cause Abnormal Body Activity  Some of the chemicals we use everyday can contain elements which can be harmful to our health. The Chemicals which cause dangerous effects form over exposure can be in the water we drink, air we breathe, to the food we eat.  Lead poisoning was common in history, to Romans and the Egyptians. Lead can cause anorexia, mental confusion, convulsions, and antisocial behavior.  Lead can be found in such places as "Areas which have deposits of gold, zinc, and other economically useful metals, also have lead as an ore contaminant and the "tailings" of the mining and purification of the ore often have a very high lead content."(3) Also chips of paint which fall off of old walls that children chew on or digest contain amounts Lead.  Mercury intoxication can be where there is high levels of pollution.  Mercury can cause nervousness, learning disabilities, kidney damage, and loosening of teeth. "Arsenic was mainly used in World War 1 in sprays and gases, and in World War 2 a cure was used to stop Arsenic poisoning."(3) Arsenic causes visual disturbances, blindness, Sensory disturbances, and kidney damage.  Manganese is usually contained in Iron deposits. "Manganese excretion can be facilitated by the use of chelator therapy, but it is not as easily managed as lead or mercury..."(3)  Manganese cases symptoms such as emotional disturbances, weakness, paralysis, and sleepiness. ...