Эссе: Abortion Should Remain Legal Essay

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... Leaving a baby in a foster home brings the child emotional disorders the child feels not wanted. Since they are not given that full attention they become emotionally disturbed "including lying, oppositional behavior, underachieving at school, sabotaging relationships, and not taking responsibility for their actions (which do not respond to traditional parenting and teaching techniques such as rewarding or punishing.)"(Lisa Beamer 46) Being unwanted is a very bad feeling for any human being specially for a child it is a feeling of neglect and sadness. Therefore adoption is not the best option for an unwanted baby, unless she/he can be left with a good family. The child who is in a foster home is going to be on its own from eighteen, there's a good chance he might be left on the streets. It is true there are many successful people in this society who were raised in adoption places and are now doctors or have very good occupations, but it is not very likely because the kid has to think about where he/she should live, what he/she should find to eat and since he/she does not have a roof over his/her head and feels unwanted. There are also other issues when a child has not received the warmth of family and has not experienced the love of a mother therefore the child will be emotionally disturbed. Adoption is not always a good solution for an unwanted baby. Illegalizing abortion does not mean it will stop. There will still be places where illegal abortion will be processed. There's many who do self abortion "which are even more dangerous; these included are lye, Lysol, iodine douches, as well as self inserted catheters, knitting needles and goose quills." (Lisa Beamer 45) there is no point for abortion to become illegal because it will not stop and there would be many women who will suffer and be in pain. When it is illegal the material will not be found easily so they would have to use it over again which is unsanitary and people will get sick or die. The underground places where abortion will take place are not going to be clean and sanitary because it would be hard for them to find the material therefore in order not to go out of business they would have no option but to use the material over and over again. Rate of suicide amongst teenagers will go up because they will not find any options when they are pregnant, or they might try to get rid of the baby themselves which will cause major harm or will result in death. As it is said "Since they may start performing illegal abortion and it may do serious harm to the mother and her body." (Lisa Beamer 46)Some of these illegal abortion might end up in death. Therefore since there's a good number of teenagers pregnant in the United States, Some teenagers will find self aborting or illegal abortion as the only way to get rid of their babies since they do not want their family or boyfriend know. There will be so many problems and issues if abortion becomes illegal. Self abortion and underground illegal abortion will replace the legal abortion Clinics, since the young society of America or the low educated ones would not find any other way to get rid of the baby. Day by day more people are being educated about safe sex and pregnancies, adding abortion to it would be very useful then people would not look at it like it would replace birth control but they would see it as their last option when they are risking a lot to give birth to a baby. ...