Эссе: Abraham Maslow Essay

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...  The esteem needs are fourth and there are said to be two kinds according to Maslow.  Lower esteem is meant for respecting others where as the higher esteem is self respect.   Finally the last need is self actualization that would have to do with things such as having purpose, personal growth and a realization of that person's potential.  It's also just said to be an attitude of "be all you can be." (Boeree). Maslow offered the world a new view of psychology.  As an existentialist, Maslow broke ranks with his predecessors such as Freud, Skinner, and Bandura.  Maslow and his contemporaries believed that the meaning of life came from within.  Unlike Freud, Skinner, and Bandera who believed the individual personality needed to be identified and explored, the existentialist like Maslow believed life could be entirely meaningless or incredibly fulfilling and filled with potential for self gratification.  Maslow was not only a psychologist but an author.  Some of his works included The Farther Reaches of Human Nature, Toward a Psychology of Being, and Motivation and Personality.   Many people had taken a great liking to Maslow even to assimilate some of his theories into practical use.  He is appreciated because he was not like traditional psychologists, meaning that Maslow was a little outside the box and not so closed minded.  Maslow was viewed as a man who changed our views of the world and of ourselves and people appreciated him for that.  "Maslow has done more to change our view of human nature and human possibilities than any other American psychologist of the past fifty years" (Leonard, 1983).  "Maslow has opened up a new way of seeing the universe." (Colin Wilson, 1972).  "What Maslow offered in self-actualisation was not just a psychological fact but a full-blown vision of human nature." (Lowry)  "(Maslow was) The father of humanistic psychology" (Peter Drucker)" (Lebon). Lasting implications of Abraham Maslow's theory are used in motivation, in employment and volunteer organizations.  The theory is proven to be successful for managers in motivational concepts....