Эссе: Accepting One's Self - Black Hair

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... By working in the factory, it gives him a better appreciation of his past. It makes him accept what he thought he would become before working in the factory.  The tires are symbolic of the workers in the tire factory. Iggy calls out "junk" for the tires that were no good, or not good enough for a high performance car. It is almost like the workers fell like they are the "junk." "You showed up, but from where? What broken life? What ugly past""(95). The workers do not accept who they are. After work  Iggy work put on nice clothes and was friendly only to some people. It is almost like because he has better clothes and looks nicer he is too good for those who are just blue-collar workers. They are below him, but in reality they are the same as him. He does not accept himself and is still searching for the dream. The last line of the story states, "When you picked up a tire, you were amazed at the black it could give off,"(96). The tire represents the factory workers reality or their lives. The black represents the troubles, the hardship, the darkness. It is basically saying that if one chooses a certain lifestyle, they better be prepared to accept the burdens and difficulties that go along with it. The main character is humbled by his new lifestyle and job. He realizes that his past was not as difficult as current place in life. ...