Эссе: Across Five Aprils - Summary Essay

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... Arriving home quite startled that night he tells the rest of the family about the events that occurred that evening. The next day there is another startling event, Matt after over working, collapses. Jethro now knows that he has to take on the responsibility of being the man of the house. More excitement was to come. One day a bundle is thrown onto the Creighton's porch, a bundle symbolizes future punishment, and the Creighton's take caution. After three weeks nothing happens on the Creighton, but still days later the barn is in flames.  The burning of the Creighton's barn effects more people in the area than just the Creighton's. The family is delivered horrible news by Dan Lawrence, a veteran of the war, informs the Creighton's that Tom has been killed. The family is saddened but must move on, Ross Milton now a friend of the family writes a letter to the paper concerning the whereabouts of the culprits that burned down the barn. Not to long after Sam Gardiner, owner of the general store shoots Wortman, when one night him and others attack the general store.  That September neighbors help the Creighton's rebuild their barn. They also receive letters from Shad and one from John to Nancy discussing the lose of faith in the military, for the North. One night in February the Creighton's are visited by the Federal Registrars who are looking for Eb, because they claim that Eb has deserted the army. They tell Jethro he must report back to them if he discovers Eb's whereabouts. After months of worrying one spring while in the fields, Jethro find Eb in the woods. Eb then admits to deserting the army. Jethro needed a way to get Eb out of the trouble he was in; his best idea was to write to Abraham Lincoln, the president of the United States at the time. Jethro writes asking for advice and help, and Mr. Lincoln writes back supporting Jethro and Eb and giving all deserters a chance to come back to the army without shame.  Letters came and went between the Creighton family and there men at war. That May the family receives letters from Shad, who is afraid for his life, and one from John to Nancy, asking about his children and giving remarks on the behalf of Eb. But one-day bad news arrives with a letter from Shad's aunt in Washington. She writes that Shad has been wounded and is in dire need of Jenny. The following morning Mr. Milton escorts Jenny to Washington. From Washington Jenny and Shad write to Matt asking for permission to be wed, permission, this time, is granted. ...