Эссе: Actions Are Stronger Than Words Essay

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... Seeing that visiting hours were over, Jamal drove us back to the bus station. "Are you sure you don"t want to stay with us for a while? There's always room.? He turned off the car and began to help us with the suitcase. "No, Will and I have to get back to school,? Camille said while she smiled. "Yeah, thank you for everything, Jamal.? As we walked back into the station, I began to get thirsty. "Be back in a minute.? I kissed her on the cheek. As I walked to the central area, I noticed a sign that pointed out the bathrooms and drinking fountains. Again, I saw a segregated water fountain. At that moment, I didn"t know what I felt, maybe pure anger, that I was considered to be a lower race than the whites. I knew I was smarter than some of those red necks who hung my brothers. Maybe it was Granny's words, or maybe it was just something inside that wanted to burst, but I had to take action. I stormed outside, grabbed the suitcase and said to Camille, "We"re staying here. I need to get back to Jamal's and call up some friends." "Why"? She was confused, and picked up her pace to catch up with me.  Again, I pulled thirty cents out of my pocket, and gave the same address; Mimosa Drive and Aberdeen Terrace. When the cab pulled up to the house, we ran up to the front door. When Jamal opened it, he had a bewildered look on his face. "I need to use your phone,? I said. After arrangements were made with Colby and Sullivan, or plan to help desegregate the nation came into effect. The car pulled around the corner, and I saw Colby sitting on the swing on the porch. He opened the door and yelled inside. By the time the car round in front of the house, Sullivan had come outside. "You boys ready"? I asked. "Better now than never, right"? We all laughed uneasily. I parked the car in the municipal lot over by the Colored Cineplex.  Three black men got out of the car, raised their heads high, and walked towards F.W. Woolworths. I used to live in the same neighborhood with Colby, until he moved to another town in the fourth grade because his dad got a new job. Sullivan was his younger brother and they said if I ever needed any help, I should call on them. I needed all the help I could get. Colby opened the door and we walked in...