Эссе: Addictions, Not Always Dangerous Essay

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... The show "Charmed" keeps the attention of the audience:  viewers watch it once and are hooked.  What attracts viewers to the show  "Charmed" is the way it teaches history, life, and role models in a way that viewers can relate. "Charmed" is considered a good addiction because it is a learning experience about historical events.  One episode went back to the Salem witch trials; another went to the 1920s.  When the Halliwell sisters went back to the witch trials, they taught the viewers about the burnings: the reason that they happened and whom did they affect.  Also, the show teaches the real meaning of Halloween; why carve pumpkins, the meaning behind bobbing for apples, even the significance of broomsticks.  Also, the girls went back to the 1920s, to a speakeasy run by their ancestors.  This episode taught about: flappers, fashion, music, and even the prohibition: what it was the prohibition and why did it happen?  The characters let the viewers have an inside look of what it would have been like to live in that era.  With this show, learning is made easy and enjoyable.  "Charmed" deals with the lives of the girls and talk about topics that everyday women go through.  One-episode talks about `Phoebe's' divorce from and evil ex-husband.  There was even an episode that dealt with the death of `Paige's' parents.  The topic of divorce and death happen in real life, but not many shows deal with these issues.  Death and divorce are unexpected trials that people do not know what to expect: "Charmed" gives some look as to what is to be expected in dark situations.  The girls handle grave situations with a light and breezy sort of air.  When something bad happens, Piper' says something witty; `Paige' does something exotic; and `Phoebe' goes on a date.  The sisters make horrible events, like a divorce, seem as though it were a walk in the park.   Many shows deal with role models, people who are looked up to, being portrayed as a parental figure or relative. ...