Эссе: Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) Essay

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... Children with ALD develop normally, and usually are fine until they start showing symptoms. early signs of ALD include, hyperactivity, visual disturbances,both short and long-term memory loss, difficulty in school, bronzing of the skin, weight loss, severe aggression, or depression, unexplained episodes of vomiting, fatigue, loss of fine motor skills, hearing problems, and slurred speech. As ALD progresses, the symptoms include, hypotonia (lack of muscle tone), spasticity, seizures, swallowing problems, blindness, loss of speech and movement, inability to control secretions, which requires the use of something called a suction machine, which is used to remove any excess saliva from the trachea, coma, and hearing loss. death from ALD usually occurs 1 to 10 years after diagnosis, although other factors including respiratory infections, and a sudden build up of fluid on the brain may cause a child to die sooner.  Adrenomyeloneuropathy: The other form of ALD that is the most common is called Adrenomyeloneuropathy, (AMN) or adult onset ALD. This form usually strikes adults anywhere from there early 20's, to there late 60's. Like the previously described children, these people also lose all there functions and are comatose with in a few years. However, this form of the disease is much slower to progress, and is somewhat milder. People with this form normally have adrenal problems that were there since they were children, and may have some spastic paraparesis, in upper and lower limbs. over time, the disease progresses to complete loss of function.  ...