Эссе: Agamemnon Vs. The Clouds Essay

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... This view sets the tone for the audience's view of Agamemnon.  Clytemnestra also acknowledges justice and repercussions of evil, praying that the Greeks don't destroy the Trojan temples and alters and incur the wrath of the gods.  Clytemnestra doesn't fear punishment from the gods and feels completely justified in the killing of Agamemnon.  Clytmenestra's eye-for-an-eye view of justice becomes exposed by her cry "my child's justice driven to fulfillment by/  her Wrath and Fury, to whom I sacrificed this man [Agamemnon]. (Agamemnon ll1432-1433) Love plays an abnormal role in Clytemnestra's actions.  Clytemnestra seems only concerned with the love of her children. She avenges her sacrificed daughter by murdering her husband, using love to trick Agamemnon into a death trap.  Clytemnestra's love is shallow and her intentions to take over the kingdom at all cost become obvious when she banishes her other daughter Electra, and son Orestes from her kingdom.  Aigisthis' love acts a blindfold also, shielding Clytemnestra's heart and eyes from the horrific acts she is committing.   Prophecy, memory, and the gods each play significant roles in the uncoiling of Agamemnon's fate. The most important and often noticed element of the plot is the gods.  They work hand in hand with justice to move the play along.  From the introduction the gods are feared by characters.  ...