Эссе: Alain Locke Essay

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... Alain Locke Essay  Summary: What is a typical American person? What constitutes the American culture? These questions do not and will never have definite answers. The "American" culture is commonly referred to as a "melting pot" - meaning it is a blend of many different races, peoples and cultures.  With the exception of Native Americans, there is no race of people that originated in America. Yet today, we all come together under the colors of red, white and blue, sing the National Anthem and call ourselves "Americans". Despite our differences in religion, norms, values, national origins, our pasts, and our creeds, we all combine under one common denominator. Alain Locke addresses this issue of cultural pluralism in his article, "Who and What is `Negro'"" In this article, Locke states that, "There is, in brief, no `The Negro'. " By this, he means that blacks are not a uniform and unchanging body of people. He emphasizes that we, as Americans, need to mentally mature to a point where we do not view ourselves as all separate races, but as distinct parts of a composite whole.  Locke begins his article by questioning the reader if the use of terms such as "Negro art" and "Negro literature"are legitimate or products of our racial prejudice. He then poses the first of two main questions, "Who is Negro""  Using a quote from Richard Wright, Locke begins a series of arguments to illustrate that there is no definitive body of "The Negro". First Locke denies that what some call the black experience in America even exists. He argues that if the real Negro experience in America is defined as living a life of hardship and struggle or living a life of poverty, then this could apply to anyone, regardless of their race. ...