Эссе: Albert Einstein Essay

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...  Once he arrived, Einstein decided to give up his GermanCitizenship.  Einstein attempted to skip highschool by taking an entrance exam to the SwissPolytechnic, which was a top technical university. He failed the art portion of the exam.This exam would have allowed him to start a course of studies, which would allow him togo on for his diploma as an electrical engineer at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.His family then sent him to the Swiss town of Aarau to finish highschool. While he wasthere, he wrote an essay about his plans for the future. In the essay, he only got above halfmarks. If I were to have the good fortune to pass my examinations, I would go to Zurich. Iwould stay there for four years in order to study mathematics and physics. I imaginemyself becoming a teacher in those branches of the natural sciences, choosing thetheoretical part of them. Here are the reasons which led me to this plan. Above all, it is mydisposition for abstract and mathematical thought, and my lack of imagination andpractical ability. (J J O Connor and E F Robertson)After being in Aarau, he went to thecantonal secondary school.  Albert graduated from highschool in 1896. He then returned to the Swiss FederalInstitute of Technology in Zurich. In 1898, Einstein meets, and falls in love with, MilevaMaric. She was a Hungarian classmate of his. He graduated in 1900 as a secondary schoolteacher. He was then able to teach Mathematics and Physics.  In 1901, Einstein became a Swiss citizen, and he was unemployed. Mileva becamepregnant. In the fall, Einstein found work in Schaffhausen, Switzerland as a tutor. Einsteinmanaged to avoid Swiss military service. He did this by saying that he had flat feet andvaricose veins. In mid-1901, he had a temporary job as a teacher. He taught mathematics atthe Technical High School in Winterthur. Around the same time he wrote that he wasgiving up on Universities. I have given up the ambition to get to a University... ( J JO Connor and E F Robertson) Mileva was now visibly pregnant, so she moved to Stein AmRhein, three miles away from Schaffhausen. Mileva soon moved to Hungary to give birth totheir baby at her parent s house, while Einstein moved to Bern. In January, Mileva gavebirth to a baby girl named Lieserl. They soon put her up for adoption. UnfortunatelyLieserl became sick, and records of her disappear. During this time, Hermann Einstein,Albert s father, also becomes sick and dies. ...