Эссе: Albert Osborn, A Biography Essay

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... This case took place in 1935 and both Albert S. Osborn and his son, Albert D. Osborn, testified in the case on behalf of the prosecution.  Moreover, many scientists and experts consider Albert S. Osborn the father of examination of disputed documents in the United States. In 1910, he wrote and published his first significant book, Questioned Documents.  Furthermore, in 1922 he authored another important text, The Problem of Proof.  These two famous books are still considered the main references for document examiners (Saferstein, p.5). In 1913, Osborn have had an idea of creation of an unofficial program for the interchange of concepts and research information where examiners will discuss different questions relating to the subject of field.  First, Osborn invites Mr. Stein and later on, many other specialists were added to the program.  These examiners learn from Mr. Osborn a large amount of information.  They have learned that in order to uncover successfully all efforts, the examiners of the documents must obtain certain techniques.  "Some of the techniques are to know to utilize the techniques of microscopy, photography, and even such analytical methods as chromatography. Alterations of documents through overwriting, erasures, or the more obvious crossing out of words must be recognized and characterized by the examiner as efforts intended to alter or obscure the original meaning of a document" (O'Brien & Sullivan, p. 172). Moreover, specialists are applying their knowledge that they gathered through years of training and experience to identify the authors of writings. Furthermore, the meetings are educational and annual attendance and participation in the program were requirements for continuing invitation. If a member is showing the lack of interest to participate in a program, that member will lose its membership in the organization. An examiner will know if he or she lost their membership. They will know it because they will not receive an invitation. ...