Эссе: Alcohol Ads Essay

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... Cartoonish images, such as the Budweiser frog that gave Bud a huge amount of popularity even seems to entice younger audiences to the humorous and colourful depictions, which advertise their product. Advertisements like these as well as other ads such as ones linked to sporting events make it seem "cool" to drink. According to CNN's web site, one eleven-year-old girl told CNN's Don Knapp she watches a lot of music videos and is anxious to begin drinking.  "It's like it's really cool," she said, "and I want to do it, too, so I can be cool." Attitudes like this one are all too common. Why wouldn't they be, after seeing over and over young attractive people drinking and having a good time, laughing and dancing, all with a drink in hand? We see these people on televisions, billboards, and web pages and very rarely do we see anything negative happen to them that would turn their smiles into frowns. We are overly exposed to the positive aspects of drinking and the more we see these ads the more it is drilled into our heads, starting at a very young age, that alcohol consumption is "cool." It is all too often that individuals gain false hope in relation to drinking and what they expect to get from it.  In general beer commercials play into the fantasies of young men. Advertising analyst Peter DeBenedittis said, "This is kind of the bottom line of alcohol advertising. It's the adolescent male fantasy. The beer and the alcohol is the woman. If you'll just drink, you'll get these things." Ads use sex appeal to sell their product. Ads feature young attractive females and suggest that by drinking a certain brand of alcohol, your ability to be able to pick up women will increase. Some ads show super-models walking up to average looking guys and flirting with them in a suggestive manner because of the type of alcohol they are drinking. Some men go into bars with a false sense of hope, expecting to buy the pretty lady a drink and have her give him all the attention that he desires. This can turn into a dangerous situation when those results are not achieved. Men may become desperate and drink more and more out of frustration....