Эссе: Aldous Huxley Paradigm Essay Essay

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... Another tragedy that had a great influence on his writing career was his temporary blindness. He never fully regained his sight after being stricken with a case of keratitis punctata attacking his eyes and causing near blindness for eighteen months ("BIOGRAPHICAL ESSAY" 2). This disease affected his early novels by giving them excellent scenes as if written for a movie. Later, this even caused him to become a screenwriter ("Aldous Huxley: The Author and His Times" 1). The disease did much more than just affect his writing career, though, it got him into writing. Because of Huxley's irreparable eye damage, he could not fight in World War I, nor could pursue his family tradition in science. Although Huxley could not continue on in science, science still continued on within him. He used science quite often within his novels such as Brave New World in order to make things more realistic ("Aldous Huxley: The Author and His Times" 2-3). Brave New World seems to be a very important reflection upon Huxley. After Huxley was married to Maria Nys, he had only one child. Huxley foresaw the population problem today (Thody 48). He seems to have addressed it through the biologically controlled classes in Brave New World. This view of science, and Huxley's ultra-analytical view of things allowed him to think up such ideas on fertility as are found in Brave New World. Ideas about babies being born from test tubes controlled to be in exactly the quantities required by society and with the exact social classes need at any given time (Thody 49). Likely because of Huxley's biologist and scientist family roots, Huxley was very much under the thought type of animal behavior being little more than a lower version of human behavior down to which government could--and would--reduce humanity, his thoughts, feelings, behavior and every other thing that makes us human (Thody 50-55). Brave New World marks the ending to a part of Huxley's life, the end of his set of what Robert Graves entitles the "novels of disillusion" (Thody 60). After this set of novels came a change in Huxley's literature. This change is marked by Eyeless in Gaza, in which Huxley seemed to believe in fear as the only way for change to happen. This also marks Huxley's entry into dabbling in mysticism. Huxley's marriage was beginning to fall apart due to some extramarital affairs. ...