Эссе: Alien. A Landmark Science-Fiction Movie Essay

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.. The main computer, which controls the ship, is referred to as `mother', a female entity, reinforcing how powerful technology is and our reliance on it. Ironically the spaceship is forced to self-destruct due to natural causes, being the alien, exposing human fault.  Kane's funeral, with its sense of meaningless explored the `spiritually' the future is leading towards an impersonal and economical way of life, playing on the aspect of the unknown. What this movie emulates is the fact that nature can transform yet technology is forced to remain in its same state. The alien adapting and changing form due to the environment it is in and Ash, the robot, being destroyed since it cannot cope with any change or irregular occurrences. This film is an amalgamation of genres. Its prime no doubt is science fiction, with the incorporation of horror and thriller. The science fiction aspect is obvious with the alien being the star of this movie and the futuristic technology and world created. Horror is created through the gore and the disheartening figure that is the alien. The way in which each character dies off is `horrific' and creates an image, difficult to turn away from. The thriller aspect of this movie is created through the intensity and tension build up throughout. The cadence of the music and its steady beat and pace builds up this intensity though each pivotal scene and the way in which each scene uses lighting effects and various cinema techniques enhances the daunting atmosphere which is being created. The way in which the movie plays on the unknown verse reality immediately entrances the audience with curiosity and trepidation. The second half of the movie concentrates on the hunt and this is when the action part occurs and the killings begin.  The claustrophobic interiors of the space ship, the coldness of space and hostility of the yet to be explored planet are all depicted with immense scope and gritty reality. In order for this embodied in the movie and for the genres to be exemplify imperative and original cinematic techniques were used. ...