Эссе: All Around the Town, a Review Essay

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... The diverse part of this book follows the life of Bic and Opal(Laurie's kidnappers) seventeen years after they left Laurie in a schoolyard to be found. They did this to keep from getting caught, since they were a few suspicions about the couple. Bic is now Reverend Bobby Hawkins and Opal is called by her real name, Carla.  Bic had always had it in for little girls with blond hair and blue eyes, but Laurie was the first girl he had ever kept. Even after such a long time, Bic is still obsessed with Laurie and the church he is practicing is conveniently located as close as he can get to Laurie. Not only that, Bic has a final, gruesome plan for her. Lucky for Laurie, her sister Sarah refuses to give up, and continues to investigate her case. She begins to get suspicious of Bobby Hawkins, the new pastor at her and Laurie's church. The clue that finally connects the Hawkins(really Bic and Opal) is the fact that they move back into the same house in which they first imprisoned Laurie. This is where they kept Laurie in the basement for most of the two years they had her. In a recent magazine article about the new Reverend and his wife, there is a picture that shows the two at a younger age, and the house is in the background. Not only that, when Laurie sees the picture, she is able to recognize her two kidnappers, and it helps bring back many memories. Though Sarah has found Laurie's kidnappers, this does not prove she didn't kill Allan Grant. Detectives continue to work around the clock, and finally crack the case.  Allan Grant's wife, Karen, wasn't fully aware of the capabilities Laurie had. She thought that Laurie and her husband, Allan, were having an affair. Even though she thought she knew Laurie, she had no idea about her multiple personalities. Leona(the personality in Laurie that was obsessed with Allan) actually wasn't having an affair with him, but broke into his house and left her personal items and some of her other belongings there every so often. When Karen Grant came home the night the murder took place, "Leona" had left many items of clothing strewn  across the apartment, and Allan had just gotten home. ...