Эссе: Allied Victory in WWII Essay

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... When the U.S. finally officially joined the fight against the Nazis, their forces were showing signs of fatigue.  The USSR was having some success in defending their land, but the Nazis continued to invade and demolish cities; only the destruction of all that represented communism could satisfy them.  And Britain was being bombed almost constantly in the Blitzkrieg.  Europe cried out for help, and America, realizing that the domination of Europe by Hitler could only be a breakdown of America's trade routes and safety, had to respond. Not long into the war, before America had officially joined, we realized that we would need to help ensure national security by sending supplies to strengthen the Allies.  This help is transferred back to the U.S. in terms of keeping the Nazis out of the Atlantic.  An allied shipping system - known as the lend lease - was developed to send all necessities of war to Europe.  Soon, attempts at unaided merchant shipping were realized to be too costly.  At this point, around 1942, new tactics had to be tried to improve the effectiveness of the whole idea of westward merchant shipping.  A system of guarded ships transporting ammunition, supplies, food, and soldiers was sent to eastern Europe.  America now began to base troops in England.  This marked a large jump in involvement for the U.S. in the war. The lend lease was a very strong factor that helped push the Allies towards victory because it provided the needed support to keep important countries in the war.  Britain desperately required aid to keep the Germans at bay, and prevent the Blitzkrieg from completely destroying all hope.  And later, the USSR was being completely bombarded when we began sending important aids to them as well.  By providing these forces with supplies and materials, we were able to reenforce the backbone of the Allied countries.  The lend lease provided an overall symbiotic relationship which allowed the Americans to build an army and prepare for war. The first of America's offensive moves was into the upper edge of Africa, where Nazi forces were weakest.  Our army was too weak to make an effective effort against the stronger points of invasion up north, we needed time and practice.  Creating an army of experienced soldiers was our goal of going through Africa, and would give us a better fighting chance on our way up into Europe.  Our troops engaged with armies, such as the one led by Desert Fox, and were successful.  ...