Эссе: Comparison of the Affair and the Victory Ball and The Adventures of the Speckled Band Essay

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... As a great author, it would have been very hard for Agatha Christie not to aspire to Conan Doyle, in some way as he is probably the most famous detective fiction novelist, and this is perhaps the reason why Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot share similar characteristics. Both of the detectives are egocentric and quirky but Holmes is physically and mentally stronger because he uses a more tactical method of thinking rather than Poirot because at the end of the text he catches Dr. Roylott in action and good triumphs over evil, Holmes is a more interesting character. He is very mysterious as he is a gaunt figure with deerstalker and pipe. Poirot is perhaps too eccentric and bigheaded, infact he comes of as being a little pompous. As Holmes has strength, he demands attention and concentration. The reader does not aspire to Poirot the way that they do to Holmes.  Hastings is not involved in the story as much as Watson, and Poirot does not confide in him as Holmes does with Watson. Infact Poirot seems more independent and likes to take the credit of the investigation for himself "Always I have a little desire to keep the threads in my own hands up to the last minute." I think that Poirot is impolite to the other characters "Just tell me what we have been seeing"" "Never mind the other night milor" and "And yet you are all wrong." Yet when Holmes meets Miss stoner for the first time he offers he coffee and also says to her "You must not fear," he said leaning forward and patting her arm', showing his concern. Sherlock Holmes in comparison to Hercule Poirot, Holmes is an attentive, intellectual and devoted detective and is not as pompous and arrogant as Poirot is. Holmes is more caring and considerate; he also carries a certain disposition even when he meets the evil Dr. Roylott for example when Sherlock Holmes meets Dr Roylott for the first time he laughs and jokes when Dr. Roylott threatens him "Holmes chuckled heartily. "Your conversation is most entertaining," said he. "When you go out close the door, for there is a decided draught." Sherlock Holmes is a man of action whereas Hercule Poirot is a man of thought- "a man of grey cells." This could be because of the change in genre, over the years detectives psychology has become more important to story and there is less need for a detective who is constantly on his knees with a magnifying glass looking for clues. Perhaps the stereotypical view of detectives has changed, this is evident in these texts....