Эссе: Discuss the Role of the Legal Professions and Alternative Dispute Resolutions. Essay

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... Parliamentarians have strong impacts as any legal profession on changes to the law. Parliamentarians are elected to represent and govern the nation or stare. Their purpose in the legal system is usually to change or support legislation that is debated in the relevant house of parliament, to put forward the interests of the electorate from which they were elected and to support and publicise the political party.  Alternative dispute resolution (ADR), is the common name for a variety of methods that aim to resolve disputes between parties without resorting to court. The main reason for replacing court proceedings with ADR is to allow the disputants to have greater control over the running of proceeding and to save money and court time. An example of an ADR could be as simple as a conversation between two parties who are arguing over perceived legal wrong or as complex as a court-ordered abbreviation involving legal counsel. Some various types of ADR procedures include simple bilateral negotiation and arbitration. Simple bilateral negotiation is when the parties in the dispute approach each other in an attempt to resolve their differences without referring to a third party. An example of this would be neighbors resolving a problem over the fence. Arbitration is when an independent third party is chosen to make the final decision, which is binding on both parties.  Community Justice Centres are informal organisations designed to resolve disputed between people in the community who will continue to see each other. Community Justice Centres are where the parties talk out their dispute with neutral mediators. ...