Эссе: Drug Preventive Education- Russia Essay

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... Drug education is essential for citizens within developing nations because in the first place, medicine is rare within their nation thus no one would know how to take it. Illegal drug trafficking has been going on for the past century. Whenever someone could get there hands on an illegal drug is where the trouble begins. There is a thin line between using the drug medically and freely. Drugs such as marijuana and cocaine are rarely used medically and thus when used, have a certain note or warrant allowing them to use the drug, however it is out of our control to monitor over that certain person and check if they are illegally growing the drug or selling it. Drug education is an essential for the consumption of illegal drugs. In most developed nations, schools and homes provide a small education on how illegal drugs can be highly dangerous and caused numerous of deaths. These educations also provide stories of past users and how it ruined their life and also the punishments of illegal drug use. These educations were meant to scare the individuals away from illegal drugs, but within developing nations, it is out of our reach. The problem with illegal drugs is first the supply and then the demand. It is almost impractical to find every single user of illegal drugs and arrest and punish them. The easier part is to find the where the supply began and branch out to the many buyers. Drug preventative education is needed within both developed and developing nations because the end results are more than grave, and can be very painful, whether to yourself or your family. ...