Эссе: Essay on African American Culture Essay

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... They are more present time oriented group of people. However, there may be strong future oriented behaviors as well. These include saving for college education for children, purchasing insurance policies to cover funeral and burial cost, etc. Elders may place a great deal of values on past experiences, which are frequently shared with younger individuals. The dominant language among African American is English. Speech may be accompanied by animated non-verbal gestures such as a hand movement, touching, etc. There is frequent use of words that may be classified as slang - especially among teenagers and young adults. Language may include the use of Black dialects, which reflect the combination of various native African languages and languages of other culture. Gullah, a Creole language derived from West African is the first language of some African Americans along the coast of Georgia. Worldview and religious beliefs of the African American people include the belief that health and happiness are connected to living a life that is pleasing to God. Many of them have strong ties with the church and  may want to have visitors and the minister of the church visit and offer prayers for their recovery. There is a strong belief in the healing powers of God. Nurses should support their decision to have a minister at the hospital to pray with them. Most of African American are Protestants and growing number of them follow Islam. There are tremendous variations in their health beliefs. These include incorporation of some hot and cold principles, trouble and pain are God's will-health is a gift from God while illness is punishment  for some past wrongdoing. Women are more susceptible to illness at certain times such as during their menstruation. Prayer is a common method for treating illness and at times prayer cloths may be placed on the bed or gown of a sick person. They maybe suspicious of the health care system. They are sometimes resistant to hospitalization believing that once an individual enter a hospital, he will not come out alive. They may use various home  remedies for illness and not seek medical care. They generally accept blood/blood products unless their religion prohibits it.  Their expression of pain varies from stoic to very expressive. ...