Эссе: Fundementals of Leadership in Nazi Germany Essay

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... The first question asks your general belief as to whether leaders are born or made. The second discusses looks at leadership as something that can be obtained by anyone and then asks if it "American" to provide special training for only an elite few as opposed to offering it to the entire population. The third question looks at what exactly leadership training teaches. Are we truly learning how to lead people or merely being taught the means to achieving an end? The fourth idea questions the practicality of teaching leadership in a classroom and addresses the importance of "in the field experience". The fifth questions simply asks, do we want to teach people to be leaders? Leadership often involves manipulation and control. Is it a virtuous idea to emphasize these qualities in someone? The sixth question looks at the "true definition" of leadership and asks, can we teach something that we truly do not understand ourselves? This leads right into the seventh idea of who is qualified to teach leadership? The eighth idea questions whether or not it is possible to become an all-encompassing good leader. Leadership is very situational. Someone could excel as a leader in one area and fail horribly in another. The ninth question addresses the subjectivity of the topic. One person may choose to teach it one way while another may take a completely different route. Finally, the tenth idea relates leadership to creativity. It has been tested and almost unanimously proven that creativity is an inborn talent and cannot be taught. Therefore, if leadership requires one to be creative, how can we teach it? (Rosenbach, 8-9) These questions were written with the intention of providing the reader with a basis for formulating their own personal opinion as to the inherent nature of leadership.  Rebel Leadership Rebel leadership is most commonly viewed as the ability of a leader to gain a following that will devoutly obey their every command, despite the moral implications of the deed at hand.  ...