Эссе: Movie Review of 28 Days Essay

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... After her 28 days are up in the rehab center she goes back to her normal life and decides to call it quits with her boyfriend Jasper, who was an antagonist for her addiction.  Gwen would go onto to live a clean life. The second person in my opinion that would make it after getting out of rehab would be Roshanda, played by Marianne Jean-Baptiste.  Roshanda is a mother of two and is in rehab to become a better person and mother.  Roshanda in my opinion would make it because she has a family that needs her not to be on a self-destructive path.  Also the family session with her two kids, proves what she means to her family.  It is also why she has to stay clean after leaving the rehab center. Finally the third person that would seem to stay clean after leaving was Gerhardt, played by Alan Tudyk. Gerhardt was an interesting character yet he had some truth to him.  He was in for a drug addiction and needed to clean up his life.  Towards the end of the movie Gwen meets up with Gerhardt in a floral shop and it appears he has kept clean and is living life to the rule of thumb given to him by the counselor.  In my opinion Gerhardt has what i ti would take to live a full clean life away from a path of self-destruction. In my opinion "28 Days" had a good plot line to display and describe what it takes to for a drug addict to want and actually fix their wicked ways to become a better person.  ...