Эссе: Operation Iraqi Freedom Essay

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  ... The recent brutal killing and burning of American civilians who were subsequently hung from a bridge shocked many of us.  You find yourself saying, Hey wait a minute!  We're there to help these people.  Why are they killing us"'   We have experienced similar political and religious fanaticism here at home.  For example: the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City; the numerous bombings of abortion clinics and murders of abortion doctors; and finally 911.  Although we have experienced terrorism, how do we deal with it on such a massive scale and on foreign soil?     We have a huge International predicament on our hands with apparently no plans for a clear conclusion.  Right now Iraq is a deadly schoolyard with a serious lack of monitors.  If the monitors pack up and leave, the bullies will take over once again.  The meanest and cruelest strongman will eventually rise to the top and we will be right back where we started.  We opened this Pandora's Box and are compelled to see it through.  Pulling out now is not an option.   The intimidation by Saddam's spawn will continue with kidnappings, suicide bombings, and ambushes.  About the only thing we can do is to overwhelm the country with enough manpower and kindness and create a secure and peaceful environment for families.  We are charged with introducing an entire country's population to a way of life it has never experienced.  ...