Эссе: Overcoming Heights Essay

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... We looked around at all the people, stalls and, oh yeah the rides.  At this time I was feeling a little down and scared, as I knew that my friends would want to try out the old and new rides.  I tried to distract them, "Oh look aren't those lambs cute"", "Hey want to get some food"" but it was no use, they looked as though they were looking at bars of gold.  So they headed towards this ride called the Zipper.  I had no other choice than to follow them.  On the way I kept stopping at various side show stalls but no matter what or how long it took them to get there, they were going to get on that ride. Now I was feeling hopeless and just wanted to get out of the whole park but where could I go?  I didn't want to let my friends down and I'd feel real stink inside if I ditched them.  Now the little crying voice inside me was getting louder, "Help me, I don't want to go on that thing, help me I don't want to go on that thing, help me I don't," "Hey earth to Grace, what's going on, are you alright""  It was Michelle, one of my friends.  I must have looked like a ghost or something because all my friends looked at me strangely.  "Um...yeah I ...I just want to go to the toilet."  I ran off to the toilets and cooled myself down with cold water.  I was feeling much better.  But that didn't last long because as soon as I went back to my friends, I found them already queuing up for the Zipper ride.  "Grace, over here, we've saved you a spot, you're sitting next to Bronwyn on the ride okay"" Oh my God, I felt terrible, what have I got myself into, I couldn't bail out now.  Already feeling sick, I walked to my friends and stood in line. ...