Эссе: Queensland Abortion Laws Essay

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...This includes any grievous bodily damage, or transmitting a serious disease to the unborn child. Queensland's abortion laws have taken an effect on our society, figures from the Commonwealth Department of Community Services and Health show that in the year 1979 to 1980, 2077 abortions were performed in Queensland and that number increased to over 7735 abortions performed in the year of1990 to 1991. These figures are solely based on the claims made by women to Medicare not including abortions carried out in clinics. A report commissioned by the national Health and Medical Research Council shows that in reality one in three Australian women will have at least one abortion during her lifetime even though the contraceptive pill has been available for three decades. There are numerous arguments as to when the fertilised egg actually becomes human life. Abortionists believe that the foetus has `potential human life', whilst some consider the human ovum is already alive when it enters the fallopian tubes, many hours or days before it has the opportunity to be fertilised, in this case women release a few hundred in a lifetime. Hundreds of millions of male sperm are liberated during a typical sexual encounter, they are also considered to be alive and active swimmers. Others believe that a unique human being comes into existence when a human egg is fertilised by a human sperm. This new cell contains all the genetically inherited characteristics of the new individual. Biologically the unborn child is unquestionably human. Although biologically a human is created from conception it is not considered a part of the mother's body. Genetically the mother and baby are separate individuals from conception. By the time an average abortion is performed the baby will have developed a brain and beating heart that is inevitably destroyed.  ...