Эссе: Race Relations in 1920s America Essay

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...So it would have been inviting to anyone having a poor standard of living in their home country.  However it was not all it seemed when `foreigners' immigrated into America and went searching for that something that they lacked where they where living and in whatever job they may have been currently doing. This is because most people got jobs in factories or sweat shops (i.e. very cramped working spaces generally in basements; they were worked very hard with very little pay. The workers used to sweat a lot and that's how they got their name `sweat shops') and many of these places poisoned the workers lungs because of the `chemicals' or `dust' in the workplace. Many of the immigrants lived in cramped conditions, such a ghettos or `slums', and had very little money too feed themselves (and their family if their family was in America), because of poor pay from hardworking jobs. Sometimes in the jobs that they were working in the other people would be rude to them and treat them with disrespect just because they weren't `true Americans', and were different because of the way they looked, they way they spoke (i.e. some immigrants spoke little or no English) and the way they dressed (different countries wear different clothes to suit tradition). Many immigrants were fearful of working for Americans and the American people they were working with, because the Americans were resentful of immigrants. This is because they were foreigners taking American peoples jobs, and the Americans were jealous of the fact that these `strangers' were getting their jobs. During the 1920's there was still a lot of racial tension between the blacks and the whites in the southern states of America (even though slavery had been abolished before the civil war in 1806), and a lot of racial actions were taking place.  The Blacks in the South had to face increasing terrorism and violence from the Klu Klux Klan. The KKK were a racial group who lynched and burned, raped and abused and tarred and feathered many innocent blacks or innocent white people who had befriend black people or were campaigning for black rights in the USA.  ...