Эссе: Research on AMD Processors Essay

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 ...Their dual server processors will allow a days work become a few hours of work because the way the processor will run so smooth allowing the cache not to crash the system. Gamers will benefit from this invention also Hypertransport allows networking communications to increase, this doesn't mean your internet connection will go faster but it would receive all the date much faster causing less clutter and less lag. The AMD Athlon 64 FX processor includes a 16-bit HyperTransport technology interface capable of operating up to 1600 mega-transfers per second with a resulting bandwidth of up to 6.4 Gbytes. The AMD Athlon 64 FX processor supports HyperTransport technology fast clocking mode.  In gaming there are several processes going on and on a processor like Intel something that is going 1 at a time would cause too much clutter and more latency.  This means this allows the Video Card to render all the graphics much faster. Even though the graphic cards usually have their own GPU which is almost like a Computer Processor they are dedicated in creating the images. The computer processor would distribute everything the video card is processing at a much faster rate, which allows smoother game play. Another factor is the motherboard AMD is also releasing a motherboard which has 300 millimeter fabrication. This also allows everything on the board to communicate much faster even though it gets smaller that means it will travel much faster, but smaller doesn't mean its better it all depends on how it is built. The Intel Pentium is referred as the dominant corporation in processing with its high speed but because of their early releases before AMD and advertisements they have through the media they have the ability to brainwash people. Another competitor is Motorola. Motorola makes a processor for Apple computers who are famous for their G4 processor with L3 cache and .13 micron similar to the AMD then their G5 processor with L2 Cache but with a faster bus with .13 micron. Apple is known as a competitor to AMD because how they advertise to the media. They are actually quite fast, faster than the Intel processors. I would say AMD is almost similar to the G4 and G5 processors but with their inferior designs they lack the ability to run anything with direct X. Direct X is what allows PC users to play video games with beautiful graphics which AMD 64 contributes tremendously, this doesn't mean the G4 or G5 has horrible video it means they cant run as much beautiful games as the pc but when it comes to video editing the apple beats the pc competitor by a lot. That's what they are primarily used for and secure servers but now since the Opteron has been released, AMD will probably take over in business servers. This invention of .13 doesn't just contribute to the processors but Graphic processors to....