Эссе: Space Odyssey 2001 Essay

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...The antagonist is HAL 900, the computer. The antagonist of an epic is powerful, and causes the journey of the main character, the protagonist, to become extensive and difficult. HAL 900 is powerful, because he has the power to control the lives of the crew members. The computer creates the obstacles in Daves' journey because the computer contains a great amount of knowledge and takes control of the main systems in the spacecraft; therefore, HAL 900 has the power to influence the expedition of space exploration. Consequently, HAL 900, the computer and antagonist of the story, demonstrates the source of the conflict and represents the powerful antagonist of an epic.  Epics include an epic hero. In Space Odyssey 2001, astronaut Dave Bowman portrays this role. He can be described as an epic hero because he fits the description of an epic hero. Epic heroes are courageous, noble, intelligent, and goes on a quest. Dave Bowman is one of the few men who are the first to travel to space, as shown in Space Odyssey 2001. Dave Bowman is traveling into the unknown; thus, he shows courage by taking the risk. Dave also fulfills the characteristic of nobleness, because he is of an important position; he represents the people of Earth and travels to space; therefore, he has the quality of nobleness. Intelligence is also an epic hero characteristic. In Space Odyssey 2001, Dave Bowman overcomes his enemy, and his struggle, with intelligence. Dave discovers how the computer, HAL 900, controls the crew member's lives; consequently, he destroys the computer by inactivating it. One can imply that Dave is intelligent because he uses intelligence to save the lives of the crew members. Dave Bowman goes on a mission to live in space and then travel back to Earth; therefore, he shows that he is on a quest. ...