Эссе: Summary and Review of Against All Enemies by Richard A. Clark Essay

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 ... Not only does Clarke give readers a timeline of events, but he tells his opinions of the governments actions in each situation based upon his background and work with terrorism.   I believe that Richard A Clarke's main reason for writing Against All Enemies was simply to inform American's what has been going on with our government, other than what we only hear on the news.  Clarke does a wonderful job of accomplishing this goal and supported every comment with a great deal of information to back them up.  I felt that Clarke did an especially good job of providing in depth information on the Islamic World.  It was very obvious that he has a lot of experience around terrorism.  I felt, though, that Clarke spent a lot of time criticizing Bush's administration and stressing all the things that he believes they haven't done correctly.  It seemed sort of redundant after awhile.  He did criticize Clinton's administration too, just no where near as much.  After awhile it sort of seemed like he was just complaining.  I disagreed with some things that Clarke said, and others I found myself agreeing with.  I really learned a lot of things from this book that I had a basic understanding of before, but really understand better now, especially concerning the Islamic World.  It was also very interesting to read about what exactly happened in the White House on 9/11.  I will always remember where I was, and what I was thinking when I first heard about the World Trade Center, but I never knew what it was like for the government, and what exactly their first reactions were.  I felt that it was important for Clarke to share his knowledge with America.  Even if I didn't agree with him on certain issues, it was just another's persons opinion on our country, and it was very interesting to read about.  At some points while reading Clarke's novel, I got a little confused.  He at some points went very in depth and used many abbreviations, which after awhile all got mixed together.  However, just looking at the big picture and not focusing on every little detail Clarke wrote, made his book a lot easier to read.  I felt that Clarke did a good job proving his case throughout his writing....