Эссе: The Abolitionist Movement Essay

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 ... Since most early abolitionists were Quakers, the same peaceful methods were utilized. A variety of activities were organized including peaceful oratory ceremonies and using biblical quotes to get their points across. One powerful quote stated, "Remember them that are in chains as thou are bound with them" (Dillon 84). This simple statement captured the hearts of thousands of Northerners and further helped the abolitionists. However, some abolitionists preferred a more "forceful" approach to abolition. Some speakers fueled mob violence, shot slave holders, and encouraged slave revolts. Even pro-abolition groups started to fight pro-slavery groups during the "Bleeding Kansas" years. All in all, an abolitionist's best weapon of persuasion was propaganda. Using first hand accounts from fugitive slaves, numerous books written with first person depictions of cruel slave holders, and countless abolition orations and newspapers, abolitionists recruited many new members towards the cause.  The history of abolitionists is one very deep and richly tied to religion. The Quakers, a religious group of pacifists located in Pennsylvania, were among the first organized abolitionists. Among the first Quakers that called for changes were Benjamin Lundy and John Woolman, who both urged gradual emancipation but, not until 1775 did abolitionism spread out from the Quaker society. Benjamin Lundy, who thought slavery was a sinful act, proposed the abolishment of slavery to Congress whenever it had the power. Lundy also suggested that Free Negroes should receive an education, land and economic aid. Although often beaten or harassed because of his beliefs, Lundy never forgot the scene that had moved him towards the abolitionist cause. ...