Эссе: The Advantages of Macedonian Culture Compared to American Culture Essay

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... Best example of the stile of Macedonians can be seen on streets, molls and coffee clubs. Also in Macedonia is present poverty in big percentages and the standard of leaving is lower then America, they still manage to look good.  One of the reasons way Americans don't carry them self in a better stile is do to the reason of not having desire to have better bodies. And the fact that America is one of the fates countries if not the fates in the world.  The reason for that is in the fast way of leaving, not having time for physical exercise and eating in restrains.  The example of this is seen thought the numbers of restaurants thought the country.  The obesity is getting alimenting proportions and that is the biggest example that Americans don't care for their stile.      Another advantage to the Macedonian culture or disadvantage to the American culture is that most of the Americans don't know how to have fun. They are locked in their houses for the biggest part of their teenager's lives. With very limited places and opportunities to go out were you can spend time and have some fan, they wait until they go to college and turn twenty-one. When they get to college away of their parents and without responsibility they go too much wail. With too much alcohol, drugs and sex, many people make `scares' for the rest of their lives. For example pregnant girls, mental and physical disorders, sickness, tattoos and so on.  As a Macedonians they have more freedom on younger ages. So far as having fun becomes daily ruins and not something to mark your life in negative way for the rest of your life. ...