Эссе: The Age of Napoleon Essay

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... After his victory at Lodi in 1797, he actually started thinking about what he could be and how much he could do.  He liberated Latin America because of his aggression in Spain.  Through his sale of the Louisiana Territory, he made a world power of the United States.  Napoleon impacted so many countries in such positive ways, making those countries politically and militarily stronger. Napoleon Bonaparte also impacted the cultural and social aspects of our world.  He reformed the French educational system.  The children were taught with religion as one of the basic features.  All the French children were taught: "Question: What should one think of those who fail in their duties to our emperor?  Answer: According to the Apostle Saint Paul, they would resist the order established by God Himself and would make themselves deserving of eternal damnation."  He also influenced the style of dress of people of the time.  Another thing that Bonaparte did was bring about the techniques of manipulating men.  By use of the press and propaganda, his mastering of psychology, his exploitation of human vanity, ambition, and gullibility, and how he balanced fear and greed, he made people do what he wanted them to do.  He promoted revolutions in Germany, Italy, and Spain.  Despite the fact he might not have done it deliberately, he did.  Napoleon was the first to apply all of these techniques in a systematic way.  Clearly, he affected our world culturally and socially in many a way and many follow in his footsteps.  He left a mark in history that still has people ranting and raving about him today. The last way that Napoleon affected our world was commercially.  The industrial and technological process, the resulting prosperity of the middle class and the grievances of the laboring class, the general trend toward unification and political equality for all would have come about much slower if not for Bonaparte.  He influenced the map of Europe and the metric system.  The Arc de Triumph in France was built to celebrate Napoleon's marriage to Marie Louise.  ...