Эссе: The Alchemist Essay

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... When he travels on his journey and leaves his Old Catholic based community country, he witnesses new religions in the new lands he comes across. Since childhood Santiago was taught by his parents that Catholicism was the only course to follow among the different religious routes. Due to this thinking, Santiago never questioned his religious beliefs because he assumed that Catholicism was the only religion that was correct. Santiago believed this because until his journey he had never witnessed another religion, and different people practicing their religions. Once he embarks on his expedition to the pyramids (where he believes his treasure is waiting for him) Santiago travels through new land where he encounters many new religions. He travels quite awhile before he meets with the wise Englishman who teaches him about the different religions of the world. At this point the protagonist Santiago, as well as the Englishman as his guide, both begin to study the different religions and cultures of the world, through the books the Englishman has collected from his travels. The Englishman acts as a spiritual guide to Santiago during his traveling time introducing him to new thought and new ideas towards religions of the world. Through their studies Santiago and the Englishman educate the readers of new religions while they learn about the many new thoughts themselves. Due to his change of atmosphere, not only can Santiago learn about these religions but he witnesses them during his travels. Santiago encounters different groups of Muslims, different groups of Hindu's, and finds a small number different sections of Christian followers. ...