Эссе: The CIA, Involvement with Guatemala Essay

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...The President has said over and over again that United States has every right to do this, though many would disagree (Rohr 75).    In 1950, the Guatemalan people democratically elected Jacobo Arbenz, who shares their ambitions and dreams.  Arbenz always hated the system that deprived people of succeeding just because of their social class.  So Arbenz moved toward the revolutionary movement, and later became a true leader of opposition.  Soon after, Arbenz was the top pick to continue the movement of revolution.  He was later democratically elected to take office.  Arbenz argued that the one and only way to end the depression and suffering of Guatemala was to begin agrarian land reforms.  This would involve splitting up land and distributing it to poor peasants.  Arbenz felt this method would cause Guatemala to become more of a capitalist nation.  In 1952 Arbenz plan was passed and was labeled Decree 900.  These land reforms consisted of captivating farms larger than 256 acres and the new owners would pay 5% a year to the Government.  The reform gave 1.5 million acres to 100,000 families (Immerman 65).  ...