Эссе: The Omnipotent Destroyer; Car Pollution Essay

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... This controversial topic of many heated discussions receives strict attention and also numerous supporting and opposing statements.


Automobiles have been the ubiquitous source of air pollution on the Earth ever since the 1940's. All motor vehicles emit fumes which reduce local air quality, add to the low ozone level and cause numerous health problems.  In a gridlock on a highway is where vehicles move at a sluggish rate consuming a great deal of fuel inefficiently, therefore dispersing an abundant amount of carbon monoxide and dioxide contributing to the depletion of the ozone layer and other catastrophic problems.  "A brown haze in the air, smog stings city dwellers' eyes, hampers their breathing, and blocks their view of the nearby San Gabriel Mountains.  The city's transportation department even has established levels of smog warning - Stage Three being the worst (Rodgers, Yount 28)."  It is very obvious that the city of Los Angeles, California is one of the most recognizable victims of air pollution.  Only recently have people begun to realize how serious and uncontrollable the air pollution has amounted to.  There have been many attempts to conclude this problem but the only consensus that has been reached currently was that the emission of carbon monoxide from vehicles needs to be lowered.  "In Bangkok, Thailand, for instance, rush-hour traffic struggles to reach a fast walk, and drivers carry portable toilets with them for the inevitable emergency (Motavalli 19)."  This situation has reached a level of humiliation that screams for alternative solutions.  Air pollution is a prevailing source for numerous outbreaks of sicknesses among civilians such as asthma and bronchitis.  After epidemics commences then the only inescapable event in our existence occurs, which is death.  "The World Bank estimates that in Asia, thousands of people die prematurely every year from filthy air (Motavalli 20)."  This quote explains that even in place where automobiles are not presently dominant they still affect the deaths rates significantly.  This issue is of great importance currently because the seriousness of the situation is increasing significantly and action needs to be taken swiftly.   ...