Эссе: The Real Scarface Essay

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... Al Capone started in the James Street Gang, then promoted to the senior Five Points Gang.  He made a lifetime friend in Johnny Torrio.  After a good while, Torrio moved to help out his uncle, "Big Jim" Colosimo, in his businesses down 22nd Street in Chicago.  Torrio was in charge of the gambling and prostitution places on the street.  On December 30, 1918, Capone married a girl by the name of Mary (Mae) Coughlin.  They had one son, Albert Francis.  Torrio called Capone in 1919 to come down to Chicago to help him out with the businesses.  Capone had managed 2222 South Wabash Avenue.  It was quite successful despite a need of sophistication.  It was called the Four Deuces because of the address (Hoffman 5).  He also had a place called Jim Colosimo's Cafй.  It held famous entertainment acts such as Al Jolson jazz singer and Isham Jones's Ragtime Band (Hoffman 6).  Prohibition came into affect at around 1920 and Johnny Torrio was trying to convince his uncle to jump on the bandwagon in bootlegging.  "Big Jim" Colosimo said, "I don't understand it.  We stay out.  That's final."  For Capone and Torrio, they also agreed that it was final, final for "Big Jim" to be around.  Torrio then asked Capone to do a little favor for him in a couple of days.  Outside of Colosimo's nightclub a couple of days later, Capone was waiting for Colosimo from a phone booth right next to the door of the club.  A shot from Capone caught Colosimo under the ear and it immediately killed him.  Afterwards, the masterminded criminal he is, tore off Colosimo's clothes as if the murderer was looking for a money girdle, and then left the restaurant as if nothing happened.  On March 21, 1920, a day right after Colosimo's demise, Torrio and Capone took over all of Big Jim's assets (Nash 99). ...