Эссе: The Socially Defined Self in (The Alchemist)

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... All of these new religions being shown to him allows Santiago to erase what he once knew about what he felt was "the right religion" of Christianity. Santiago then questioned Catholicism, and why he believed in it. He asked himself if he believes in the bible or if what he believed in was made that is did he make up a God, only to have his own imaginative life. During the time he questioned Christianity he feared that he only believed in God, to have something to believe in, to better his own lifestyle. This fear of believing in a selfish sense took the best of him, and he looses all faith in the Catholic religion stating ."..with all of the different religions, how do I know to be Catholic is the right one for me, why should I even put a label on my religion, I believe... and that is all that should matter" (Coelho, 102). Frye further explains this concept of religion in his lecture The Singing School where he states that "Gods come from people coming up with a way to develop a genuinely imaginative life of their own" (Frye). Frye believes that one connects a human in general form and a character and connects it to an outer world force, for example one would take a man and decide to put a faith into this man, and make him a Moon God, thus giving the Moon God a divine right of power in a religious world. Santiago is a perfect example of Frye's belief system. He believed that he was doing this with the Catholic Religion, putting a faith into a higher power which he called "God", and believing to make an imaginative life for himself, only to better his life and make an imaginative life of his own (as Frye states). From his journey Santiago was able to experience new religions and comprehend that the Catholic religion was not the only, nor the correct one. Along his journey, he changed his idea of what he once believed was "the proper religion" of what his parents invested in him into rather having a religion of faith, and to just believe which allowed him to continue on spiritually, with no label of a Christian faith, a Hindu faith, a Muslim faith, or any other belief system that was not his own.  ...