Эссе: Use of Film Language in '10 Things I Hate about You' Essay

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... Although the company of Bianca Stratford is immeasurably more welcome by the students of Padua High School than that of Katerina, the viewer's response to the two girls is very different.  Junger's careful use of camera techniques, together with clever dialogue, positions the favour of the viewer onto Kat, and not her sister, making it possible, therefore, for the value of individuality to be effectively portrayed.  The viewer's dissatisfaction in the personality of Bianca is positioned by the director from this very first scene.  Bianca feels that she knows "the difference between like and love - because she likes her sketchers, but she loves her Prada backpack."  This flippant, somewhat naпve remark, amuses the viewer, but also flares a spark of annoyance at the shallowness of her nature.


A few scenes later, the location of the film is shifted from the high school to the home of Kat and Bianca Stratford, as Bianca pleads her need for "a night of teenage normalcy."  Kat holds the power over her sister in this scene, as she refuses to let "some unwashed miscreant take her to the movies," and this is reflected in Junger's use of camera angles.  As the argument between the two sisters continues, the camera cuts from the face of one girl to the other, always being angled to look up at Katerina, and down at Bianca.  This angling of camera shots between those of Kat and Bianca becomes even more striking a little further into the scene, as Kat stands at the top of the staircase, glowering down at her sister, who is speaks to her from the foot of the stairs.  ...