Эссе: What is the effect that Jim has on Huck throughout the book

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... Also, in Chapter XXII Jim tells about his experience about his daughter. Huck says "I do believe he cared just as much as white folks does for their'n. It don't seem natural but I reckon so." Then in the Chapter when the king sells Jim,and then Huck sits down and cries, and then think of Jim first, before himself! "And then think of me!" That was said after he thought about Jim's condition. He obviously thinks Jim as more than a nigger, or property, or slave, he even thinks slavery is wrong, for Jim. He even questions himself about society's' views, here he is saving a slave out of freedom, when if he was caught, he'd be shamed forever. He even thinks God is telling him that slavery is OK, but Huck still wants to go against everyone else, and help Jim, Jim must mean very much to him. Also in Chapter 31, Huck writes a letter, regarding Jim's whereabouts, but then he thinks about it, goes against society and says "All right, then, I'll GO to hell".  ...