Дипломная работа: Peculiarities of scientific and technical translation (2012)

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Дипломные работы
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Introduction. 3

1 Theoretical ground of general aspects. 6

1.1    Stylistic peculiarities of scientific and technical texts. 6

1.2 Lexical-grammatical peculiarities of scientific and technical genre. 12

1.3 Resume on first chapter 27

2 Peculiarties of scientific and technical translation. 29

2.1 Difficulties and equivalence in scientific and technical translation. 29

2.2 Types of scientific and technical translations. 46

2.2.1 Complete written translation of scientific and technical texts. 48

2.2.2 Summary translation of scientific and technical texts. 52

2.2.3 Annotative translation of scientific and technical texts. 59

2.3 Practical analysis on the basis of oil and gas text translation. 60

progressing on schedule. 65

2.4 Resume on second chapter 65

Conclusion. 68

Bibliography. 71


2.2.1 Complete written translation of scientific and technical texts

          So let’s try to conduct translation on the text taking into account the above mentioned rules and methods in practice on the basis of article -“Why must technology bring apology to ecology?”

Why must technology bring apology to ecology?

To answer this question we must first of all learn the meaning of the word

“ecology”. Ecology is a science which studies the relationship between all forms

of life on our planet with its environment. This word came from the Greek “oikos”

which means “home”. This idea of home includes the whole planet of ours, it’s

population, the nature, animals, birds, fish, insects, all other living beings and

even the atmosphere around our planet. Do all of them live a happy and healthy life

in our Home nowadays? Unfortunately, it is not so. Indeed, many territories, water

basins, lakes, rivers, seas, oceans – and the atmosphere are polluted with all kinds

of technological, agricultural, chemical, nuclear and other wastes. The intensive

development of sciences, industry and chemistry in the 20th century has made the

pollution of our environment a global problem which should be solved by all


          Besides, rapid growth of our population (there are about 6 billion people living on our planet now) needs more and more land, food, goods and modern

conveniences for newly-born people. The production of them in large amounts

will greatly increase the pollution of the environment. And what to say about the

awful harm caused to our Home by nuclear tests, atom bombs and accidents at our

atomic power stations? Isn’t it high time to start solving this global problem and to

make our life in our Home happy and healthy?

         Now you know the answer to the question of why technology must bring

apology to ecology. You are right, because it has polluted and is badly polluting

our environment.

And in conclusion all of us should always remember the wise advice of a great

English writer John Galsworthy who said: “If you don’t think about the future you

will not have it”.

           As you might see here are used the stages of complete written translation

            Read and learn the text accurately. Reading the text it is clear that the main subject of the text is about “reasons of ecological problem occurrence”.

         The whole text may be divided into four sections namely in the following way:

          1) pollution of environment;

          2) injury of earth caused by pollution;

          3) source of pollution;

          4) concern about future.

          Second stage is rough translation.

To save  the time spent in editing the translation - to 3rd

stage of writing tehe edited text will be carried out parallel to the draft

translation. For translating text, you can keep  numbering of paragraphs in the draft translated and edited version. Translated title of the text carried over  in Stage 4.

To answer the question "Why is the technology needs to change?" First of all we need to know the meaning of the word "ecology". Ecology  is a  the science

that examines the relationship of all life on our planet with the environronment.

This word comes from the Greek "oikos", meaning "house."(It turns out that the "oikos" - is a language, but not a word. It is better to replace it: The word comes from the Greek "oikos", meaning "house"). This idea of ​​"home" (here the word "idea" should be replaced by "concept" is the concept of "home") includes all our planet as a whole, its people, nature, all kinds of animals, birds, fish, insects and other creatures, nature and even the atmosphere around ourthe planet. Does anyoune of them (the more accurate the use of set-a finite number - all of them live ...) live happy and healthy now(here we should say simply - today)? Unfortunately, no.

In fact,  a good part of  the water supply (you need to replace the word "water supplies"more precise equivalent of "water") that is to say  lakes and rivers, seas and oceans,and the air  are heavily polluted by various technological, agricultural GOVERNMENTAL, chemical, nuclear and other wastes. The rapid development of science, industry and chemistry in the 20th century made the pollution of environment the global problem that must be resolved by all means.

So example you decided to make translation using written edition software then it will be quiet plain will enable translator to save his/her working time.

          Therefore the translation of the text will in the following edition:


Глобальная проблема загрязнения окружающей среды в результате

стремительного развития науки и промышленности в 20 веке

          Чтобы ответить на вопрос: “Почему технология должна извиниться перед экологией?”, прежде всего нам нужно узнать значение слова “экология”. Экология – это наука, которая изучает взаимоотношения всех форм жизни на нашей планете с окружающей средой. Это слово произошло от греческого“oikos”, что означает “дом”. Это понятие “дом” включает всю нашу планетув целом, ее население, природу и даже атмосферу вокруг нашей планеты. Все ли они живут счастливой и здоровой жизнью сегодня?     К сожалению, нет.

         На самом деле, многие территории, водоемы, озера и реки, моря и океаны, и воздух сильно загрязнены различными технологическими, сельскохозяйственными, химическими, ядерными и другими отходами. Стремительное развитие науки, промышленности и химии в 20 веке сделало загрязнение окружающей среды глобальной проблемой, которая должна быть решена во что бы то ни стало.

         Кроме того, быстрый рост населения (на нашей планете сейчас живут около 6 миллиардов человек) требует больше земли, пищи, товаров и современных удобств для новых поколений. Производство всех товаров и услуг в больших количествах увеличит загрязнение окружающей среды. А что уж говорить об ужасном вреде, который наносят нашему Дому испытания ядерного оружия, атомных бомб и аварии на атомных электростанциях? Не пора ли начать решать эту глобальную проблему и сделать жизнь в нашем Доме счастливой и здоровой?