Контрольная работа: Control Work №1 Variant 1 (О.П. Разумейко, М.А. Южакова, О.Ю. Себро)

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Контрольные работы
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Control Work №1

Variant 1


Text 1

Read the texts, then decide if sentences are 1–6 “Right” (A) or “Wrong” (B). For questions 1–6, choose A, B or C. If there is not enough information to answer choose “Doesn’t say” (C).

Control Work №1 Variant 1

1 Jenny’s husband is Peter.

A Right                     B Wrong                    C Doesn’t say

2 Elizabeth is an architect.

A Right                     B Wrong                    C Doesn’t say

3 Peter has got two children.

A Right                     B Wrong                    C Doesn’t say

4 Fiona is divorced.

A Right                     B Wrong                    C Doesn’t say

5 Jenny has got a part-time job in a school.

A Right                     B Wrong                    C Doesn’t say

6 Jenny has got a house near London.

A Right                     B Wrong                    C Doesn’t say

Text 2

Read the text about Stewart Jones and complete the sentences 1–5 with the most suitable ending A, B or C.

Stewart Jones is thirty-nine years old. He is a policeman. He lives in Dover, in the south-east of England.

Stewart lives in a small, comfortable flat with his wife, Jessica and their son, Jason. Jessica is twenty-eight years old. She is a vet. Jason is seven years old. He goes to school every day from 9 am to 3:30 pm.

Stewart is good-looking. He is tall and well-built with short brown hair and brown eyes. Everybody likes him because he is a kind man and a very loving father.

In his free time Stewart likes playing basketball.

He doesn’t like watching TV. He thinks it is boring.

1 Stewart Jones is … .

A a vet                         B a sportsman                        C a policeman

2 Everybody likes Stewart because he is … .

A good-looking           B well-built                            C a kind man

3 Stewart’s favourite free time activity is … .

A watching TV           B playing basketball               C going to Jason’s school

4 Stewart doesn’t like watching TV because … .

A he thinks it is boring B he has no free time            C his wife hates TV programmes

5 From 9 am to 3:30 pm Stewart‘s son usually … .

A watches TV             B plays football                      C goes to school



Choose the correct item.

1 Do you say his ______ name is Boris?

A full                           B first                                        C last

2 His mother remarried, he has a ______ now.

A stepfather                 B stepmother                            C stepaunt

3 Some children ______ to read before they start school.

A study                        B learn                                      C teach

4 In history we had to learn a lot of dates by ______.

A hard B hand C heart

5 Where is she? She is ______ home.

A at                              B in                                            C on

6 There ______ not fifteen children in the classroom.

A is                              B am                                          C are

7 He hasn’t got ______ brothers or sisters.

A some                        B any                                         C no

8 I don’t remember where ______ relatives were born.

A my                        B mine                             C me

9 My aunts are ______.

A housewifes           B housewives                   C housewife

10 My uncle ______ very muscular arms.

A haven’t                 B has got                          C have got



Translate the sentences from English into Russian.

1 Don’t worry, everything will turn out all right.

2 Wait a minute, let me see.

3 Sam was born in Scotland but when he was two, his father got a new job in Los Angeles, and he grew up in California.

4 Ann always does her homework in a hurry.

5 In this country applicants take their entrance exams in July.

6 She worked very hard and made great progress.

7 He failed to pass the examination.

8 For many people, the worst time of day is the rush hour.

9 I live and work in the suburbs, but I usually go into town two times a week.

10 One problem is that there’s nowhere to park in the centre, so I usually take a bus into town.



This is a part of the letter you’ve received from an English friend.

This is a part of the letter you’ve received from an English friend.

Now you are writing a letter to this friend. Write your letter in about 60–80 words.