Контрольная работа: Control Work №2 Variant 1 (О.П. Разумейко, М.А. Южакова, О.Ю. Себро)

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Контрольные работы
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Control Work №2

Variant 1


Text 1

Read the text, then decide if sentences are 1–5 “Right” (A) or “Wrong” (B). If there is not enough information to answer choose “Doesn’t say” (C).

I study at an art (technical) Institute. The academic year begins, as a rule, on the 1st of September and ends in June. It lasts ten months: September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May and June. The academic year has two terms: the autumn term and the spring term. The autumn term begins in September and ends in December. It lasts about four months. The spring term begins on the 7th of February and ends in May. This term is short. It lasts only three months. Each term ends with examinations which take place in January and in June. During the academic year students work hard. As a rule they are very busy and have a lot of work to do.

We have two holidays a year: winter holidays and summer holidays. The summer holidays are long. They last two months. The winter holidays are short. They last only two weeks. During the holidays we do not study, we have a rest. We go to the Institute every day except Sunday. On week-days we work hard. On Sunday we have a rest, as a rule. Classes at our Institute begin at nine o'clock in the morning and end at half past three in the afternoon.

All students learn some foreign language – English, German or French. We learn English. We have two English classes a week, on Tuesdays and on Fridays. On Tuesday we have our English class in the morning, on Friday in the afternoon. When the teacher comes into the room we stand up and greet the teacher. We say: "Good morning" if it is morning. We say: "Good afternoon" if it is afternoon. We say: "Good evening" if it is evening.

Then we sit down and our lesson begins. We check our homework. We ask and answer questions, we read English texts and translate sentences from Russian into English, or from English into Russian. We describe pictures and speak on various topics. During the English class we do a lot of exercises, we speak, read and write English. We do not speak Russian in class. We speak Russian before and after classes.

As I want to learn to speak and to read English, I am very attentive in class and I always prepare my homework. English is not difficult for me because I work at it regularly. As I live in the hostel, I always prepare my lessons together with a friend of mine. We learn new words and do exercises. We ask each other questions and answer them. We also listen to the recorded tapes in the English language laboratory of our Institute. We are fond of English and we want to master it, that's why we never miss classes and work hard.

At the end of each class the teacher gives us our homework. She says: "The homework for your next English class is to read the new text, to learn the new words and to prepare the topic 'My Institute'. I also want you to listen to the tape in our laboratory. This time take Laboratory Work Eight, please. Our next English class is on Friday at twenty minutes to twelve. Don't be late. Good-bye."

1 The academic year lasts ten months.

A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t say

2 Examinations take place at the end of each term.

A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t say

3 We have our English classes on Monday and on Friday.

A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t say

4 I’m fond of English and I work at it regularly.

A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t say

5 I’m going abroad to master my English.

A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t say


Text 2

Read the article about Tomsk Polytechnic University. Choose the best word (A, B, or C) for each space (1–8). The first one is done for you.

Tomsk Polytechnic University

Each 8th in Tomsk is a student, that's why very often Tomsk is called a students' town. The Polytechnical Institute alone (1) _A__ more than 22000 students and turns out more than 2000 engineers a year. At first it was called Technological Institute. In 1991 the Institute got the status of the University.

The University includes 8 (2) ___, 8 institutes, 3 research institutes and more than 70 scientific-research centres and laboratories. More than 22000 students are (3) ___ in TPU, the teaching staff includes more than 1400 (4) 41___, among them 230 D.Sc. and professors. Engineers are educated in 82 specializations, (5) ___ in 25 lines and (6) ___ in 20 programmes.

There are about 20 buildings which the students have at their disposal, various labs equipped with high-precision instruments and automation devices, computer centres with all generations of computers, experimental shops with up-to-date installations and tools. The students (7) ___ research in students' scientific societies and design bureaus.

Now the TPU is going through the constructional rush. All the teaching blocs are being renovated and redesigned to be comfortable and to meet the needs of the students.

There is Foreign Language Department at the TPU. Much attention is paid to language learning. Groups of promoted students in language are formed to participate in experimental classes. Nowadays there are more prospects for the Polytechnic (8) ___ to go abroad to (9) ___ their language and communicative (10) ___. Many bright Russian specialists are invited to work abroad.

1 A trains

B studies

C learns

2 A faculties

B lectures

C researches

3 A learned

B educated

C studied

4 A teachers

B lecturers

C lectures

5 A pupils

B scientist

C bachelors

6 A studies

B masters

C master

7 A go on

B t u r n o u t

C carry out

8 A graduates

B undergraduates

C starters

9 A include

B influence

C improve

10 A tools

B skills

C abilities



Choose the correct item.

1 What ______ eyes have you got?


A kind B colour C type

2 Where are you ______?


A from B come C be

3 The Russians are ______ for their hospitality.


A known B good C angry

4 My favourite ______ at school was history.


A topic B subject C theme

5 Edward has a ______ in French from Leeds University.


A degree B certificate C paper

6 How many examinations have you got ______ winter?


A on B in C at

7 She has very ______ brothers and sisters.


A much B many C a little

8 All members of this family ______ good friends.


A are B is C am

9 There is ______ time to lose.


A any B some C no

10 I’m going to invite a friend of ______.


A her B hers C him


Translate the sentences from English into Russian.

1 Olga is very fond of sport but this year she has very little time for it, because she is busy with her graduation project.

2 She is so narrow-minded: she cannot accept any ideas different from her own.

3 They’re not married any longer, but she still sees her ex-husband.

4 Some students get a grant to study at university.

5 During the term students have to attend lectures, seminars, to do practical work and to carry out laboratory tests.

6 Those who don’t miss classes, study hard and pass exams with credit get grants.

7 She is busy with her graduation project this year.

8 There is wonderful wildlife in the north of the country.

9 Near the village there is a conservation area.

10 Students can do an English course in many colleges and schools.



You have agreed to complete a questionnaire on student study habits. Look at the questionnaire and answer each question.

Student Study Habits Questionnaire