Тест: Тесты ТПУ с правильными ответами по Иностранному языку (английский)_1 семестр (2020 г.)

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Тесты ТПУ (Томский политехнический университет)
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ТЕСТ № 1 - 13

Вопрос 1

If someone asks you "How are you?" You can answer

Вопрос 2

If you feel just OK, you can answer

Вопрос 3

You can use the question "How are you if you want to be ...."

Вопрос 4

You can`t answer "How`s it going" with

Вопрос 5

If you are not so well, you can`t answer

Вопрос 6

Another casual, but common version of "How are you" is 

Вопрос 7

When we ask "How are you?" we want to know about health

Вопрос 8

Instead of "How are you?" you can use "Hey, how`s it going?"

Вопрос 9

If you  answer "Not really good", you might explain why.

Тест №4.1

Вопрос 1

Read the text about Kate and complete the sentences 1–5 with the most suitable ending A, B or C.

I’m Kate. I have a grandma and a grandpa. My grandparents’ names are Arthur and Mary. They are always friendly to me.

This is my uncle. His name is Jack. Jack’s son, Tom, is my cousin. He is well-behaved. Laura and Ann are Jack’s daughters, they are my cousins, and they are sometimes naughty.

These are my parents. My mum’s name is Jane and my dad’s name is John. He is a doctor and she is a teacher. My dad is serious, and my mum is often cheerful.

My aunt’s name is Jennifer. Billy is my cousin. He is two years old. He looks like his mother. My cousin is often stubborn. Jennifer is a good mum, she is always polite.

My grandmother’s name  is ---  .

My cousin Tom is --- .

My mother is--- .

My cousin Bill looks like--- .  

My cousin Bill is  ---

Тест №4.2

Вопрос 1

 Write sentences, positive or negative. Use am / am not, is / isn'tare / aren't.

 1          (I / interested / in politics) ----

2          (your shoes / very dirty) ---

3          (my brother / a teacher) ---

4          (this house / not very big) ---

5          (the shops / not open / today ) ---

6          (my keys / in my bag) ---

7          (Jenny /18 years old) ---

8           (you / not very tall) ---

9           (I / hungry) ---

10         (it / warm today) ---

11         (I / afraid of dogs) ---

12         (my hands / cold) ---

13         (Canada / a very big country) ----

14         (diamonds / cheap) ----

15         (I / interested in football) ---

16         (Rome / in Spain) ---

Вопрос 2

Put in am, is, are, was, were.

 1       There ---- a new modern library at the University.

2       There ---  many students at the lecture yesterday.

3       ---- there a telephone in that room?

4       There ---  no meeting yesterday.

5       There --- no books on the table.

6       There ---- two pictures on the wall.

7       There ---- three shops in this street.

8       There ---- many beautiful parks in Moscow.

Тест №5

Read the text about Stewart Jones and complete the sentences 1–5 with the most suitable ending A, B or C.Вопрос 1

Stewart Jones is thirty-nine years old. He is a policeman. He lives in Dover, in the south-east of England.

Stewart lives in a small, comfortable flat with his wife, Jessica and their son, Jason. Jessica is twenty-eight years old. She is a vet. Jason is seven years old. He goes to school every day from 9 am to 3:30 pm.

Stewart is good-looking. He is tall and well-built with short brown hair and brown eyes. Everybody likes him because he is a kind man and a very loving father.

In his free time Stewart likes playing basketball.

He doesn’t like watching TV. He thinks it is boring.

Stewart Jones is … .

Вопрос 2

Stewart doesn’t like watching TV because  … .

Вопрос 3

Everybody likes Stewart because he is … .

Вопрос 4

Stewart’s favourite free time activity is … .

Вопрос 5

From 9 am to 3:30 pm Stewart‘s son usually … . 


Вопрос 6

Read the texts, then decide if sentences are 1–6 “Right” (A) or “Wrong” (B). For questions 1–6, choose A, B or C. If there is not enough information to answer choose “Doesn’t say” (C). 

Jenny is thirty-two years old and she has got a job in a post office in a small village. She’s divorced and has got an eight-year-old son, Cill. She’s got a small house with a garden in the village. She’s got a lot of friends in the village. Jenny’s mother, Kate, lives in the same village. She helps Jenny with the child when she’s at work.

 Peter is thirty-nine years old and he is an architect in London. He is married to Elizabeth and they’ve got a son. They live in a big house near London. Elizabeth looks after her child and has a part-time job in a school near her home. Peter’s parents, Fiona and Michael, live in the country and come to stay with the family in the holidays. They have a comfortable life and they are a happy family.

  Jenny’s husband is Peter.